keris kris ploncon kris standard - Fa - kris - Java, Indonesia

keris kris ploncon kris standard - Fa - kris - Java, Indonesia
2nd half 20th century - Jó

Keris kris rack or stand, also called Ploncon.
I offer this keris rack for a collector with a growing collection. You can present a nice keris in it.
This rack is characterized by the high-quality finish and detailing and the tough character (there are questionable racks of soft wood in circulation). The choice of wood used is teak with a beautiful shine and wood structure. Demountable (handy dowel joints, no nail is used). The front and back are completely identical.
On the sides are nagas (snakes), which play an important role in Indonesian mythology.
Approx. dimensions are 38 x 26 x 12 cm.
Please note: Kris is not part of this lot.


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keris kris ploncon kris standard
Indigenous object name
Region/ country
Java, Indonesia
2nd half 20th century
Sold with stand
38×26×12 cm
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