Tánc maszk (1) - Fa - Masque baoulé - Akan - Nyugat-Afrika

Tánc maszk (1) - Fa - Masque baoulé - Akan - Nyugat-Afrika
2nd half 20th century - Jó

African Mblo masks were used in entertainment dances and are one of the most ancient forms of Baule art. These anthropomorphic masks generally depict the portrait of an individual in particular. More than any other mask, the Mblo mask incarnates the foundations of the Baule aesthetics and these seem to have always existed. The surfaces are smooth, curved, well-polished, suggesting a healthy skin, enhancing the hairdo or the scarifications. The forehead is high, symbolising intelligence, and the eyes are lowered in respect for the surrounding world. Mblo is the name of a category of shows using facial masks, in solo or in parody dances. The course of the show is very structured and uses a “script”, including some with very famous names (Kpan Kpan, GbaGba...). The script evolves and is regularly rewritten every two or three generations. Beautiful piece.

A tétel részletei
Tánc maszk
Masque baoulé
Etnikai csoport / kultúra
Region/ country
2nd half 20th century
Sold with stand
5×14×46 cm
2 kg
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