Maszk (1) - Fa - Punu (ou Bapounou) - Gabon

Maszk (1) - Fa - Punu (ou Bapounou) - Gabon
2nd half 20th century - Jó

Mukuyi Mask - Punu/Pounou - Gabon

Very rare Punu mask crowned with a small bird.

Mukuyi masks, commonly named “white masks” are smeared with kaolin, which was formerly mixed with crushed human bones.
This white ritual blusher is still used in Equatorial Africa.

These masks intervene in all the events that are vital for the community, in rites with a social aspect (mourning, funerals, illnesses), purification or fecundity rites (birth, adolescence, virginity), reconciliation and justice rites (to restore the authority of the chief, harmony within families, or to solve generation conflicts), or finally protection rites (which specifically aim to attract the good graces of ancestors or spirits...).

Sign of communication with the supernatural world, white clay is used by men and women, especially during the rites of the Bwiti.
The nine frontal keloids represent the Punu founder myths, the central point represents the creator spirit.

Height - 40 cm

Width - 20 cm

There are more details on the pictures.

I ensure a shipment with track & trace within maximum 3 days via express parcel (Colissimo).
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A tétel részletei
Etnikai csoport / kultúra
Punu (ou Bapounou)
Region/ country
2nd half 20th century
Sold with stand
40×20×20 cm
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