Panini - Euro 2004 Portugal - Eredeti zárt doboz 50 + 5 darab zsákból és 1 üres albumból

Panini - Euro 2004 Portugal - Eredeti zárt doboz 50 + 5 darab zsákból és 1 üres albumból
Near mint condition

Panini, a complete box in original seal of Euro 2004 Portugal, contents of this box consists of 50 packs, with 5 loose and unopened packs added, the contents of the 55 packs in the box are 275 stickers in total.

Also added to this lot is an empty album of this edition Portugal 2004, the items of this lot are all in new condition, unused and without writing, a negligible dent or spot somewhere in the box or on the album (such as a white spot on the spine) is possible, but it is new all the same.

Greece surprisingly beat host nation Portugal in the final, top scorer was Milan Baros, with a.o. famous players such as C Ronaldo, C Puyol, Z Zidane, T Henry, D Beckham, F Totti, C Vieri, W Sneijder, E v d Sar, F de Boer, A v d Meijde, R v Nistelrooij, A Robben, T Dellas, A Charisteas and many other big and less big names.

Take a good look at the photos of this lot for an impression of everything; As many sides of this lot have been photographed as possible, and the lot will be packed with great care to minimize the risk of damage, first wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap and then placed in a box.

The shipment of this lot is registered for home and abroad and covering insurance if applicable; The lot will be shipped within three working days of receipt of payment at the latest. Inexpensive, combined shipping costs apply for winning multiple lots within an auction, so please wait until after the auction has ended.

Absent for a few days in circumstances, please let us know after paying, keep an eye on the track & trace code after the status update for an indication of the delivery of the package; in the event of a failed delivery, it is sometimes only held for a short time at a pick-up point nearby, thank you for the effort and attentiveness.

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Euro 2004 Portugal
Eredeti zárt doboz 50 + 5 darab zsákból és 1 üres albumból
Near mint condition
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