Karkötő (1) - 800 ezüst - Dragon - Indokína - 19th century

Karkötő (1) - 800 ezüst - Dragon - Indokína - 19th century
Good condition, see description

Beautiful Bracelet in silver (800) of Indochinese origin.
Late 19th, early 20th century.

Imported French “weevil” hallmark (decree of the 29th of June 1893 - an ant in a rectangle). Hallmarked more than 6 times!
Tested with acid (have a look at the pictures).
Beautiful state of preservation, nice chiselling. Please note that the little stop chain is missing.
The fees for a registered shipment in Europe: 20 euros.
Worldwide: 40 euros.
Note: the shipping fees include the packaging, the completion time, and the delay for dropping it!

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800 ezüst
19th century
Theme/ depiction
Good condition, see description
0×65×0 mm
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