Tál (1) - Yogya ezüst 800 - Kaffir wine cup - Pakisztán - 17th century

Tál (1) - Yogya ezüst 800 - Kaffir wine cup - Pakisztán - 17th century
Very good condition, see description

Kaffiri wine cup. Used by Ashkun Kaffir warlords. The Kaffirs lived in today's Nuristan that was known as Kaffiristan (land of non-believers) before Islam became the official religion of the region in the 17th/18th century. There are still survivors of this ethnic group who live in the far north of Nuristan (country of light) and that today are known as the Kailash. The Kaffirs were considered as living proof of the passage of Alexander of Macedoine because the Kailash(Kaffirs) have a very light skin colour, often have blue eyes and are sometimes blond. This wine cup is in the Gandara style. It is obviously the influence of Greco/Roman art. As the Islam covered the entire region, most of these cups were destroyed because they were not in accordance with Islam and are therefore rare today. Some very small chips in the silver at the base of the support stem.
This item is between 250 and 300 years old.

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Yogya ezüst 800
17th century
Kaffir wine cup
Very good condition, see description
18×20×0 cm
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