Neolit Csont Anya istennő bálvány - 45×16×24 mm

Neolit Csont Anya istennő bálvány - 45×16×24 mm
VI - IV millennium B.C. - Kaukázusi sztyeppe

Extraordinary and extremely rare carving representing a mother goddess figure or a female idol as a symbol of fertility referring to the "Steppe Culture" developed during the Neolithic between Black Sea and Caucasus (refer also to the Kurgan theory developed by Marija Gimbutas).
Carved from a phalanx or ankle bone!

Material: fossilised bone.
Condition: very good, intact.
Dating: Neolithic, VI - IV millennium B.C.
Size: 45 mm.
Origin: Caucasus.

Provenance: purchased in 1992 from a french collector (Ms V. R.), acquired in the early 1970's on the belgian art market.

Important information:
Lot can be exported (see document attached).
The seller guarantees to have acquired this lot by legal means and he has the proper permits.
The seller will take care that any necessary permits will be arranged.
The seller will inform the buyer about this if this takes more than a few days.

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Anya istennő bálvány
45×16×24 mm
Évszázad/ Időszak
VI - IV millennium B.C.
Kaukázusi sztyeppe
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