Hohner - Corona III - Diatonikus gombos harmonika - Németország

Hohner - Corona III - Diatonikus gombos harmonika - Németország
Megfelelő - Tételek száma: 1 - Beleértve: Diatonikus gombos harmonika - No extra's

I offer an old Hohner accordion, model Corona III, which was produced in Germany, probably in the 1960s. The instrument can be an interesting treat for collectors.

The accordion is in average condition, you can see that the metal protective mesh was fixed with adhesive tape, but it still works. It is not known if any parts were replaced and whether repair is required because the instrument is playing. The accordion is built in a red and black case with white buttons and a clearly visible logo on the front. The instrument has thirty-one buttons and one type of melody.

The device plays well as for its age and certainly can interest every enthusiast of old, German instruments. Dimensions: 31 x 19 cm, weight: ca. 5 kg.

A tétel részletei
Corona III
Műszer típusa/ Darab
Diatonikus gombos harmonika
Gyártó országa
No extra's
Bőr, Fa, Fém, Műanyag
4.6 kg
Tesztelt és működő
Tested and working/playable
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