Szobor - Keményfa - Naga Antaboga - Bali, Indonézia

Szobor - Keményfa - Naga Antaboga - Bali, Indonézia
Mid 20th century - Megfelelő

A very rare and uniek statue because of its age, this is often confused with a monkey, but its not!, It resembles Antaboga king of Nagas. Anantaboga statues are not often carved and specialy old ones from 1930-1940 are almost impossible to find. The other Naga carved is Basuki. Only after a few years I noticed there is a small piece missing on one side of the headdress, in any case this is a rare to find collectors item. The style how Antaboga is carved, you can find similar in old kamasan paintings.

What makes it more interesting is that this statue is shown in the famous book Understanding Balinese Woodcarvings made by author and Balinese woodcarving expert Roland Smeets. This statue is sold from his huge collection and the book reveals more of the story.

30 x 12 x 11 cm

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Naga Antaboga
Bali, Indonézia
Mid 20th century
Sold with stand
30×12×11 cm
900 g
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