Szobor (1) - Fa - Visnu - Bali, Indonézia

Szobor (1) - Fa - Visnu - Bali, Indonézia
Late 19th century - Kiváló

A very atractive and early (a comparable example in the Dutch musea, see picture: "collected before 1907") polychromed wooden Vishnu on Garuda, Bali or Lombok. In an almost perfect and untouched condition. This fine item must be collected early after its originate and have been placed in a cabinet. A rare sculpture of very high quality and state of preservation.
A must for the collector of good and original Indonesian Balinese/Lombok art.
Condition: considering its age in a very good condition: a crack in the base at the backside and some very small damages. See the pictures.
The beak may look damaged but it is not. I assume that the master carver tried to depict a young Garuda. Young birds have a so called egg tooth which could be carved here. This part of the beak is used by young birds to break the egg shell.
Its a delicate and large object so ONLY TO BE PICKED UP! No sending!!

72 x 72 x 24 cm

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Bali, Indonézia
Late 19th century
Sold with stand
72×72×24 cm
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