Woman terracotta head. Italy. Signed: Egidio Trevese 1948

Woman terracotta head. Italy. Signed: Egidio Trevese 1948
1948, Italy

Woman terracotta head . The pose of the head is slightly inclined to highlight the tension of the sweet and smiling expression of the portrayed subject. The face and somatic traits are made with mastery and spontaneity in molding and as to plastic expression of the face. The remaining part of the head is well described in the hairstyle, tied with a ribbon and falling with curls supporting the whole statue.
The sculpture is signed "E TREVESE '48". Sculptor Egidio Trevese is active in Rome between the beginning of the 1920s and the 1970s. Duilio Cambellotti's friend, at his request, realizes a number of ceramic plastics of Deco and Modernist inspiration probably in Piazza San Salvatore's Lauro workshops.
Status: The statue is intact. There are small signs of calcification on the model, which in any case do not affect the beauty and intensity of the piece.
Size: height 30 cm; Max width 24
Weight: 5,5 kg

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