Old pure linen (12 m), homespun fabric from around 1900

Old pure linen (12 m), homespun fabric from around 1900
Beautiful pure linen fabric, probably France, in great antique shape.

A great find, more then 13 yards, pure homespun, linen fabric, from around 1900, in very good condition. ( 12 meter )
This beautiful linen fabric is foulded and measures 28,34 inches, 72 cm.

The linen is in its original, antique shape, it is unwashed.
It has some little staines from laying in the closet during all these years. It is not unusual for these antique fabrics and the staines will be disappeared after the fabric has been washed.

The color you can compare with ivory.

Really marvelous decoration, but if you want, it can also still be used.
Not only useful for tablecloths, napkins, bed sheets, pillows but also great for doll clothes, think about dressings, underwear etc etc.

The fabric will be send by registered mail.
If possible for buyer, it can be picked up at my place.

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