Suske en Wiske - De zingende zwammen / Les Champignons chanteurs - Originele pagina - (p.26) - met luxe groot formaat hc - (1960/2020)

Suske en Wiske - De zingende zwammen / Les Champignons chanteurs - Originele pagina - (p.26) - met luxe groot formaat hc - (1960/2020)
Vandersteen, Willy - Condizioni molto buone - 1 Illustrazione originale - Standaard Uitgeverij

In this special auction the original pages of the Suske en Wiske story “De zingende zwammen / Les champignons chanteurs” are auctioned, illustrated by Willy Vandersteen, accompanied by a large deluxe album edition published in 2020 in an edition of 54 numbered copies.

This lot includes one plate of 4 strips with text in Dutch from the Suske en Wiske story “De zingende zwammen” in the original size as illustrated in 1960, plus one deluxe album in large size.
The plate is in good condition, the album is in mint condition.

The first edition of this story in Dutch, number 40 in the series, was published in 1960 in black and white with spot colour by Standaard Boekhandel.  In 1970, the story was published in the Vierkleurenreeks as number 110 by Standaard Uitgeverij. The first French translation was published in 1961 as Bob et Bobette 31 “Les champignons chanteurs” under imprint “Erasme”. In 1998, it was given a spot as number 43 in the series Suske en Wiske Klassiek.      
The story is about children who are swallowed up and kidnapped by flying mushroom-shaped balloons during a visit to the fair. Suske and Wiske go searching for them. The story is graced with references to the then-popular American TV-series Highway-patrol, the American spy plane U-2 that was shot down above the Soviet Union, the Congolese issue and British formula-1 champion Sterling Moss. Willy Vandersteen also promotes a new game that had recently appeared, the “Op Jerommeke”. Also very nice are the numerous cameos of colourful characters from older Suske en Wiske stories such as Sus Antigoon, het Spaanse spook and de Zwarte Madam.

The 54 copies of the numbered deluxe album each contain an original page from De zingende zwammen / Les champignons chanteurs illustrated by Willy Vandersteen. The album has a Dutch and French cover recto-verso. All original pages are shown in true size in the album with the original Flemish text. The numbering of the deluxe album follows the numerical order of all 54 original pages that were still available.
The album is in mint condition, HC, cloth spine, size 36 x 45.5 cm and will be signed by the daughters of the artist, Helena and Christiane Vandersteen.

An exceptional lot that will be shipped insured and with courier service, or can be picked up in exceptional cases by appointment at Studio Vandersteen in Kalmthout. Depending on the Corona situation, deliveries and appointments will be organised as soon as possible in the weeks that follow after the auction.


Dettagli lotto
Illustrazione originale
N° di oggetti
Suske en Wiske - De zingende zwammen / Les Champignons chanteurs
Numero di serie
- Originele pagina - (p.26)
met luxe groot formaat hc
Anno (oggetto più vecchio)
Anno dell’oggetto più recente
Condizioni molto buone
Edizione limitata numerata
Standaard Uitgeverij
Vandersteen, Willy
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