Statuetta - Porcellana - Chinese - Mingqi servant - Cina - Dinastia Han-Tang

Statuetta - Porcellana - Chinese - Mingqi servant - Cina - Dinastia Han-Tang
In discrete condizioni (restaurato), vedi descrizione - 14.7×0×0 cm

A lovely antique Chinese terracotta figure depicting a Mingqi servant with nicely detailed facial expressions and of very good quality. Handcrafted in ancient China during the Han to Tang dynasty, most likely more towards the Han dynasty.

Height: 14,7 centimeter.

Condition: The object is in fair condition, one visible break line under the end of the arms, possibly more restorations. The condition is carefully checked with strong UV-light and bright translucent white light.

Shipping method: This lot will be securely packed and shipped with insurance.

Buy multiple lots from this seller and save on shipping costs, for multiple lots you’ll pay the shipping costs only once.

The seller guarantees that she acquired this piece according to all national and international laws related to the ownership of cultural property. Provenance statement seen by Catawiki.

The seller will take care that any necessary permits, like an export license will be arranged, she will inform the buyer about the status of it if this takes more than a few days.
Catawiki disclaimer: This piece has been dated based on style and patina. No further tests, such as, a TL test, an analysis of pigments or radiography scans have been conducted to check the integrity of the piece.

Dettagli lotto
Dinastia Han-Tang
Regione/paese d'origine
Titolo dell'opera
Chinese - Mingqi servant
In discrete condizioni (restaurato), vedi descrizione
14.7×0×0 cm
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