Hoodkitsch - Compton

Hoodkitsch - Compton
Penna acrilica (Molotow) su pittura a olio kitsch con cornice finta di colpa. - Firmato a mano - 2020

Acrylic paint pen (Molotow) on kitsch oil painting with faux guilt frame.
Total dimensions (frame): 46 x 57 x 2,5 cm (ready to hang).

Hoodkitsch works on discarded or old fashioned paintings. He finds, buys and / or reclaims these where ver he can find them. He "tags" them with whatever comes to mind, with often an ironic or satirical connotation. Sometimes there is no direct relation between the existing kitsch artwork so that the word / title gets highlighted even more.

All original tags, calligraphy and / or images are painted onto existing kitsch artwork. These are often imperfect or even damaged (chips off of frames cuts in the canvas). These are all part of reclaiming and bringing the 'out-of-fashion' artworks back to life. It is part of the charm and character of Hoodkitsch' work. Please look carefully at the photos.

About Hoodkitsch:
He is a Maastricht (NL) based street art painter who started taking his 90's street work into the studio at the beginning of 2010's. In 2016 Hubert Kalkman and him started working together. Many successful endeavors have followed, such as his sold out exhibition "Take Me To Church" in 2017 (last photo), a 55 piece commission for a hotel in Amsterdam (2019) and selling out his collection at AAF Amsterdam in 2019.

The artwork will be carefully packed and shipped worldwide.

Dettagli lotto
Titolo dell'opera
Penna acrilica (Molotow) su pittura a olio kitsch con cornice finta di colpa.
Firmato a mano
Nuovo dipinto su vecchie opere d'arte kitsch. Il telaio presenta segni di usura e scheggiature
Dimensioni totali
46×57×2 cm
Dimensioni dell’immagine
36.5×46 cm
Venduto con cornice
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