Ernemann tropen camera

Ernemann tropen camera
fotocamera tropicale 6x9 - Quasi perfetto (near mint, usato e funzionante senza segni d'uso)

Ernemann Tropen Klapp tropical camera, Tessar 4.5/12cm very rare 9x12 complete.
3 plate holders for Ernemann Tropen Klapp Camera.

Ernemann Tropen Klapp, tropical camera, Tessar 4.5 / 12 cm, very rare, 6x9 complete.
This beautiful and well-made wooden camera was made in the early 1920s.
In 1922 it was made in Dresden, which was an important pre-war German photographic centre.
It is an Ernemann model Tropen Klapp Camera and it is a 6x9 cm brass & wooden camera made in Dresden, Germany.
The camera has a polished teak body with brass trim. Two round buttons on the right side, the simplified the focal-plane shutter arrangement.
Tropical cameras were made for the wet stuffy weather of the tropics where the conventional leather-clad cameras would have suffered from mildew.
The wooden body has few traces of use, and no damage.
The camera measures, when closed:
Height 11 cm x 13.5 cm x 5 cm (w x h x d).
The camera is in very good condition given its age. The curtains are in good shape without any holes. The bellows, made of brown leather, are in good condition, no holes, opening works well, and it folds and unfolds easily.
The lens is a Zeiss Tessar f4.5 12 cm in good condition, no scratches, no fungus, no fungus inside.
The lens is in excellent condition, diaphragm works, and the screw-line-shaped focus works well.
This camera is in beautiful condition with no moderate signs of wear.
There is a number of worn spots and stains due to moderate use on the outside.
The camera comes with three original holders.
A rare camera, really a rare gem for collectors!
Lens Carl Zeiss Jena n° 546546
Body n° 923823
Condition: in perfect condition


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tropen camera
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fotocamera tropicale 6x9
Quasi perfetto (near mint, usato e funzionante senza segni d'uso)
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