CCCP - Forze corazzate - Orologio da serbatoio Molnija

CCCP - Forze corazzate - Orologio da serbatoio Molnija
Originale - Buone condizioni

Clock created by the Molnija factory in the Soviet city Chelyabinsk, for specific use in tanks. Most of its pieces were made by hand.
A stand has been adapted to turn it into a table clock.
This clock has a Molnia 3309-51 movement mechanism indicated on its back, where its serial number is also.
The clock, without the stand, measures 7 cm in diameter and 5 cm in width. Works perfectly winding-up, lasting about 2 days
To set it, you have to pull the frame that surrounds the dial and move it out, then you have to turn it to the right. To wind it up, the frame is reattached and turned to the left.
They had to be robust watches to handle them inside a tank, where precision and simplicity prevailed.
It will be shipped by courier service with a tracking number and disinfected.

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Orologio da serbatoio Molnija
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Forze corazzate
Buone condizioni
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