Katana (1) - Tamahagane - ecole Tadatsuna - Giappone - Periodo di metà Edo, scintoista 1688-1781

Katana (1) - Tamahagane - ecole Tadatsuna - Giappone - Periodo di metà Edo, scintoista 1688-1781
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione - 0×40×960 mm

Very beautiful katana, mumei, Tadatsuna school 1688-1781, in its original condition, representative of Osaka-shinto work
Shinogi-zukuri blade, iori-mune back, long and thin ubu nakago type ha agari kurijiri 1 mekugi-ana, chu-kissaki, kasane 6.8 mm, nagasa 68.4 cm, 32 mm tori-zori, moto-haba 29.2 mm saki- haba 19.2 mm, the boshi is notare-komi
The jigane is mokume-itame hada, the hamon starts in sugu-yakidashi, it is nie deki with zones of nioi, nice alternation choji-midare and suguha, nioiguchi bright enough broad, very interesting with long hashi and lots of activity
No flaws on the blade: 720 g.

We checked the sword signature. There is no guarantee of its authenticity, as it does not have certification (origami NBTHK or NTHK - certification paper).

In order to ensure the identity of the manufacturer, we must present the sword to one of the major Japanese associations (NBTHK or NTHK). These associations will judge the sword and publish appropriate documents (origami) attesting to the authenticity of the sword and/or its historical importance.

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Dettagli lotto
Numero totale di oggetti
Periodo di metà Edo, scintoista 1688-1781
Regione/ Paese d'origine
ecole Tadatsuna
In ottime condizioni, vedi descrizione
0×40×960 mm
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