AR Penck - Bristol Concert - Album LP, Edizione limitata - 1985/1985

AR Penck - Bristol Concert - Album LP, Edizione limitata - 1985/1985
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You are bidding here on an LP of TTT feat. AR Penck "Bristol Concert" from 1985 in absolute top condition.

They are bidding on a still unplayed LP.

Vinyl in Mint (M)
Cover in Mint (M)

Top condition

Artcover by AR Penck

Rare collector's item.

The artists: AR Penck and TTT
Title: Bristol Concert
Released: 1985
Genre: Jazz
Style: Free Jazz
Format: LP, Album, Limited Edition

A.R. Penck (1939 - 2017)

Ralf Winkler, alias A. R. Penck, who also used the pseudonyms Mike Hammer, T. M., Mickey Spilane, Theodor Marx, "a. Y." or just "Y" (October 5, 1939 - May 2, 2017), was a German painter, graphic artist, sculptor and jazz drummer. As a neo-expressionist, he became known for his visual style, which recalls the influence of primitive art.

As a drummer and pianist, his music tended towards freedom, with long experimental improvisations that hardly seem to stick together from moment to moment and are best revealed on the macro level. Much of Penck's playing has a raw beauty, a kind of raw and unfiltered play that does not always push forward. Penck recorded with Frank Wollny mainly as TTT (Triple Trip Touch). With TTT, Penck and Wollny recorded albums with Frank Wright, Lawrence "Butch" Morris, Jeanne Lee, Alan Silva, Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, Louis Moholo-Moholo and Peter Kowald, among others.

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AR Penck
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Bristol Concert
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Sorgente Multimediale
Album LP, Edizione limitata
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Mint (M)
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Music Corporation (2) ‎– MPO LP-BB 12/UTOPIA
31.5×31.5 cm
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