Alice Pasquini - Blow

Alice Pasquini - Blow
Stampa digitale - Firmato a mano - 30 - 2020

Digital Art Print Paper 200gr
Sold out Edition of 30
Signed and numbered.

Alice Pasquini’s artwork is seen not only on urban surfaces and walls, but also in galleries and museums in more than one hundred different cities around the world.

Alice travels continuously and her preferred canvases are city walls. Both a street artist and painter, as well as an illustrator and set designer, she has developed different threads in her research, from narrating feminine vitality to manipulating the three-dimensional possibilities of her work. She moves from urban explorations to installations using found materials.

She was commissioned to design the libretti for the 2019/2020 season at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. In 2015 she collaborated with the Tourism and Culture Assessor and the Legality and Coastline Assessor of Rome for the 3D project Under Layers in Ostia. In 2013 she realized a cycle of works for the Capitoline Museums in Rome, which are visible in Piazza Campidoglio, as well as a panel for the Pinacoteca Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea in Gaeta, Italy. Her work has been exhibited in the Museo Italiano, Melbourne (2017), Saatchi Gallery, London (2016); MACRO Contemporary Art Museum in Rome (2014); Tri-Mission Art Gallery, American Embassy, Rome (2013); Galleria d’Arte Provinciale Santa Chiara e alla Galleria Nazionale, Cosenza (2013); Casa dell’Architettura, Rome (2013); Palazzo Candiotti, Foligno (2012); Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris (2012); Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona (2012).

Her work have been featured in New York Times International, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity, and others. In 2016 she was added to the Treccani Italian Encyclopedia.

Shipped in a rigid paper tube.

Dettagli lotto
Alice Pasquini
Titolo dell'opera
Stampa digitale
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
35×50×0 cm
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