Enigme09 (1979) - Intuition de la matière

Enigme09 (1979) - Intuition de la matière
Tecnica mista su vinile giocattolo - Firmato a mano - 1/1 - 2021

“Intuition de la matière”

Lines form
from my sweaty hands
and freeze this projection a little
in the universal order
in the universal order.

(Enigme09 - 28.03.21)

You are bidding for an artwork by artist Enigme09, thank you for considering it as such,
on a Kaws character fully painted and revisited in mixed technique
(spray paint, acrylic, gouache and varnish) by the artist.

Unique creation 1/1, plastic toy provided in its original box.

- Original artwork with certificate of authenticity and Artprice/Akoun artist rating.


Artist’s biography:

Former Graffiti Artist in the 1990s, Enigme09 discovered photomontage art in 2009. The painter Jacques Monory supported him in his path by suggesting a poetic artistic approach.
His compositions bring together elements from the world of advertising or popular culture and others of Art History. Their mixture is scouring, explosive, surprising, disturbing, but it also raises questions about the status of images and a possible hierarchy of values between them.

The artist manages to give meaning to familiar signs, emptied of all content due to their excessive presence. But, of course, this meaning is most often very far from their original meaning. “Enigme09 sums up his artistic credo in a concise formula: ‘give voice to the images to open our eyes.”

Dettagli lotto
Enigme09 (1979)
Titolo dell'opera
Intuition de la matière
Tecnica mista su vinile giocattolo
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
20×9×5 cm
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