Frank Arias (dictator flank) - Water Beatles

Frank Arias (dictator flank) - Water Beatles
Acrilico su tela, vernice spray - Firmato a mano - originale - 2020

Certificate of authenticity.
Shipped ready to be hung.
You can find the video of the creation of this painting on the artist's YouTube channel under the name: Dictator Flank.

This work is another tribute of the artist to The Beatles, also has a caricature of Ellos Picos. The rock and roll theme is very recurrent in his paintings. The painting somewhat portrays the lust of this lifestyle and the conspiracy theories around pop culture myths such as The Beatles.
This painting was exhibited for the last time in a Hotel in Barcelona.

Frank Arias is an artist obsessed with the pop world, fashion, philosophy and human sensuality. Although very young in the market, he has a very personal style, very difficult to relate to the modern art that is made. All his works have a completely manual process, where the artist draws and paints from start to finish of each piece.

If you have the possibility of purchasing one of his works, you will notice that the finish is exquisite and your only regret will be not having bought more.

His artworks feature a very meticulous finish and bright colours. He works a lot using chance and scenes unlikely to be found in reality, always with a hint of irony and sometimes satirising.
Born in Cuba, he studied at the Professional School of Art of Matanzas, Cuba (2009-2013). He is part of the Ellos Picos group together with the artist Ronny Gonzalez.

Dettagli lotto
Frank Arias (dictator flank)
Titolo dell'opera
Water Beatles
Acrilico su tela, vernice spray
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
73×89×3 cm
3 kg
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