Sillva - Welcome To The City

Sillva - Welcome To The City
Acrilico su pannello - Firmato a mano - 2021

Acrylic 3D on canvas
Dimensions: 60 cm of diameter.
Title of the artwork: “Welcome To The City”
Artwork by the Portuguese painter Sillva.
With an incredible depth and movement effects, created by both 3D drawing and
by people in motion recreating human figures crossing a walkway with the view of the city in depth.
Materials used: acrylic mass, acrylic paint, airbrush, varnish, gold foil
and marker pen.
Perfectly packed and shipped.
In a cardboard box.

Biography information: “SILLVA”

Born in Lisbon in 1979, from an early age begins his contact with the artistic Portuguese environment with renowned artists such as Artur Bual, Paulo Ossião, António Neves, Manuel Cardoso Lima, among others. His passion increases with the constant visits to the studios of the plastic artists developing there a more critical view of the works and absorbing each of their figurative, gestural and abstraction influences.
Then he focused on more critical view on the works, leaving for later, his openness to his own creativity.
A self-taught painter that began to make his works in 2008, passionate about colour and criteria simplicity, he managed to find in his works the attempt to create life forms, in the most distinct situations, with restless movements coming from his imagination, imaginary cities and a lot of relaxation that is clear in his works.
With his volumetric painting filled with worldly figures, he leads the viewer to enter the most genuine and often childish world of each of us, each creation is considered by him as a gratitude to each plastic artist that he met and led him to expose his creativity and passion on a blank canvas.
Sillva dominates the canvas, both the cool and warm shades that can be seen in the bright and colourful marinas and in the frenzy of the city. He recently began adding a three-dimensional element to each canvas to further express his vibrant and cheerful life on each one.
When we are facing a set of works of Sillva, it seems that he wants to make noticeable and, at the same time, celebrate the mythical moment of painting as he embraces pictorial action with a great technical quality to revisit, or even question our time with concern, painting in his own language. Aware that painting is a kind of "making something real", and that the painting makes it sensitive, he thus demonstrates how much our dependence on the image and what surrounds us is essential.
His work makes you think in the daily life that uses three-dimensionality, but demanding the presence of a message in his works. "It doesn't matter how painting is applied as long as something is said" (Jackson Pollock).
He often puts the viewer in front of a great frenzy of vibrant colours and clear surfaces, while involving him in a total environment of pleasure before the painting, remembering what Matisse wanted: "an art of balance, of purity, of tranquility, without a disturbing or worrying subject ".
His work jumps off the canvas in an enthralling way, as playing with gravity, where the elements come to life, much to the delight of those who contemplate them.

Dettagli lotto
Titolo dell'opera
Welcome To The City
Acrilico su pannello
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
60×5×60 cm
2.5 kg
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