Miguel Delibes - Las ratas (first edition) - 1962

Miguel Delibes - Las ratas (first edition) - 1962
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DELIBES, Miguel. Las ratas. Barcelona: Ediciones Destino, 1962.

FIRST EDITION. First printing. 18 x 12 cm. 164 p. Áncora y Delfín Collection (nº 218). Editorial cloth with dust jacket (somewhat worn out). Content in impeccable condition.

Miguel Delibes Setién (Valladolid, October 17, 19201 -ibidem, March 12, 2010) was a Spanish novelist and member of the Royal Spanish Academy from 1975 until his death, occupying the "e" chair. Graduate in Commerce, he began his career as a cartoonist, columnist and later journalist for El Norte de Castilla, a newspaper that he managed to manage, to gradually dedicate himself entirely to the novel. Great connoisseur of the fauna and flora of his geographical environment, passionate about hunting and the rural world, he knew how to translate everything related to Castile and hunting into his works. He is one of the first figures in Spanish literature after the Civil War, for which he was recognized with many awards; but his influence goes even further, since several of his works have been adapted to the theater or taken to the cinema, being awarded at competitions such as the Cannes Festival.

"Las ratas" is a novel by Miguel Delibes, published for the first time in January 1962 and which narrates life in a small Castilian town, far from any capital and notably backward. It is a social complaint that shows the miserable existence in the towns, with their inhabitants subjected to the tyranny of the landowner.

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Numero di Libri
Autore/ Illustratore
Miguel Delibes
Titolo del Libro
Las ratas (first edition)
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Anno di pubblicazione dell’oggetto più vecchio
1° edizione
Lingua originale
Ediciones Destino
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18×12 cm
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