Joachim Rössl; al-Muḵtār b al-Ḥasan Ibn Buṭlān - Facsimile; Tacuinum Sanitatis - 1984

Joachim Rössl; al-Muḵtār b al-Ḥasan Ibn Buṭlān - Facsimile; Tacuinum Sanitatis - 1984
Incunabuli e prime stampe, Rilegature - Quantità: 2 - Con Cofanetto, Edizione numerata - Libro

Very luxurious numbered facsimile edition of this 16th-century, originally Arabian incunabulum in a beautiful leather binding with gilt decoration.

Joachim Rössl and Heinrich Konrad (Kommentar) - Tacuinum sanitatis : vollst. Faks.-Ausg. im Originalformat d. Codex 2396 d. Österr. Nationalbibliothek - Volume 1: Faksimile and Volume 2: Kommentar - Graz : Akad. Dr. u. Verl.-Anst., 1984 - 75 + 183 pp. - facsimile bound in deluxe leather binding, the commentary in a cardboard binding, together in slipcase.

Edition of 925 numbered copies. This is number 361.

Condition: fine. Minor damage to the spine of the slipcase (see picture). Otherwise in excellent condition. Bound in a very luxurious leather binding with gilt print.

This manuscript (Codex Vindobonensis 2396) is defined by scholars as a Tacuinum Sanitatis, a book on the theme of health in tabular form. These kinds of books drew their inspiration from the ‘Taqwin As-Sihha’, a medical handbook penned by Arab physician Ibn Bôtlan, in mid-11th century Baghdad. The original Arabic text was subsequently translated into Latin: the translation was likely commissioned by King Manfred of Sicily (1258-1266).

This Tacuinum Sanitatis is possibly the most complete and accurately crafted collection of medical cures from the central Middle Ages. Meant for domestic use, each one of its 82 pages includes 4 depictions that flank and explain the corresponding text. In the Tacuinum, the reader can find both curious healing methods (some of which are still valid nowadays), but also particularly entertaining quotations.

Dettagli lotto
Numero di Libri
Incunabuli e prime stampe, Rilegature
Autore/ Illustratore
Joachim Rössl; al-Muḵtār b al-Ḥasan Ibn Buṭlān
Titolo del Libro
Facsimile; Tacuinum Sanitatis
Anno di pubblicazione dell’oggetto più vecchio
1° edizione
Lingua originale
Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt
Con Cofanetto, Edizione numerata
Numero di pagine
28.5×18.5 cm
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