Diocese de Braga - Missale Bracarense - 1929

Diocese de Braga - Missale Bracarense - 1929
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The Braga rite consists of an ancient but not extinct Latin liturgical rite, that is, a Western liturgical rite of the Catholic Church. This rite is used mainly by the Archdiocese of Braga in Portugal, hence the name of the rite.

The Braga rite is similar to the Roman one. During the Tridentine liturgical reform, Braga was able to keep his books and liturgical rites, since they were more than two hundred years old, as guaranteed by the bull Quo Primum Tempore, of São Pio V, dated July 14, 1570; and for the care that Archbishop D. Frei Bartolomeu dos Mártires took in this; after some conflicts resulting from the attempt to introduce the Roman rite, the Braga was restored by the 1918 Synod: the new breviary and missal, approved by bulls of 1919 and 1924 respectively, became mandatory throughout the Archdiocese in 1924.

The Braga rite remains valid, even after the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council, but its use became optional, during the last reform, on November 18, 1971.
Rare book in Latin (most of them were withdrawn in 1971)
Are known few examples in Latin
Missale with very own prayers

Apparently the first 7 pages of the book are missing, but the interior and essence are complete.
Reasonable / good condition given its use and age


Number of pages is merely indicative, as their number is substantially higher due to appendices and attachments

Height 32 cm
Width 23 cm
Thickness 6.5 cm

Weight 3852 g

There are two Missals in the Catholic world
The Roman (worldwide) and Bracarence in the Archdiocese of Braga - Portugal
Shipping properly packaged by registered mail and in the quickest way

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Diocese de Braga
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Missale Bracarense
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Altro - vedi descrizione
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32×23 cm
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