Lalique - Pannelli decorativi "Joeur de pipeau" (sinistra e destra) (2) - Cristallo

Lalique - Pannelli decorativi "Joeur de pipeau" (sinistra e destra) (2) - Cristallo
Francia - 1975-2000

Set of two decorative panels (left and right) ‘Joeur de pipeau’ in colourless glass.

In 1928, René Lalique in person created the panel ‘Joueur de Pipeau’ for the decoration of the Venice Simplon Orient Express restaurant car. Echoing that original, still in collection since its creation, Lalique subsequently published the right side version of the panel. Highlighted by crystal clear light, a man of slender figure celebrates the cult of Bacchus amid stylized vine shoots and bunches of grapes.

René Lalique’s architectural achievements contributed to his success. His keen sense of balance and harmony, combined with his mastery of glass techniques, allowed him to tackle monumental works.
Lalique is now considered one of the best glassmakers in the world. The contrast between transparency and glossy achieves the maximum expression in the purity of the glass, creating the so-called ‘Lalique effect’, so recognised today, and which can be seen in these pieces.

The panels are in very good condition. They have slight flaws detailed below. (You can assess the condition of the pieces for yourself by looking closely at the photographs, they are part of the lot description). Both are signed at the bottom right with an inscription that reads ‘Lalique France’. They are completely colourless, without any pigmentation, the colours seen in some photographs are reflections of the photographer.

The left panel (the flautist looks to the right) presents damage to both top corners, photos 9 and 10, with the bottom ones intact, photos 11 and 12. No scratch or dent is seen on the rest of the panel. Dimensions: 46 x 15.3 cm Weight: 2,604 g

The right side panel (the flautist looks to the left) presents damage to the 4 corners, very slight in the top corners, photos 13 and 14, and somewhat more pronounced in the bottom ones, photos 15 and 16. A minor dent on the right side, barely noticeable to the naked eye, photo 17. No more scratches or dents are seen on the rest of the panel.
Dimensions: 45.8 x 15.2 cm Weight: 2,886 g

(Manually measured, there may be a margin of error of a few millimetres.)

Current retail price in Lalique: 2,700 €/unit. It can be found on their website.

The packaging will appropriate for the pieces. They can also be picked up in person in Madrid city.

Dettagli lotto
N° di oggetti
Pannelli decorativi "Joeur de pipeau" (sinistra e destra)
Produttore / Marchio
Modello / Nome
"Joeur de pipeau"
Art Déco
Epoca stimata
Paese d’origine
In condizioni discrete - molto usato e con probabili piccoli pezzi mancanti.
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