Una croce in colla (reliquiario) - Metallo argentato

Una croce in colla (reliquiario) - Metallo argentato
Austria o Ungheria

Accompanied by an expertise of Yann Patou, Argus expert in orthodox iconography and Russian silverware.

Provenance: collection of Count Ivan Ivanovich III Stenbock-Fermor.

It is a glued cross (reliquary) whose body is a small box receptacle of relics, which no longer exists today.

The work is attributable to a workshop of goldsmiths from eastern Catholic Europe, for example Austria or Hungary.

On the obverse, Christ in a less painful representation than those of previous centuries. He wears a crown of thorns. Note: no reference to the instruments of passion, he is standing with outstretched arms. Floral motifs embellish the scene, which evokes Mary Mother of God symbolised by an immarcescible flower.

On the reverse, the Virgin of the Seven Sorrows with floral motifs. It only has six swords and no halo.

Dettagli lotto
Una croce in colla (reliquiario)
Metallo argentato
Paese d’origine
Austria o Ungheria
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età.
47×28×4 mm
8 g
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