Geert Jan Jansen - Kleurrijk abstract

Geert Jan Jansen - Kleurrijk abstract
serigrafia - Firmato a mano - 16/50

Geert Jan Jansen (Waalre, 1943) is a Dutch painter and forger, who was arrested in 1994 in France and was convicted in 2000. Jansen's father, a technician at Philips, was an art lover and Jansen went on to study art history. During his studies he befriended the American art dealer Michel Podulke, who owned the Mokum gallery in Amsterdam, and Jansen started organising exhibitions there. He later opened his own galleries Jacob and Raam, but had little success with them.

When his company began to suffer losses, he started signing posters of lithographs by Karel Appel to sell them as originals. Later he made his first forgery of an Apple, and sold it for 2600 guilders. Encouraged by this, he sent another forgery to an auction in London. The auction house sent a photo of it to Appel, who then declared that the work was real, and the gouache was sold for a record amount.

Dettagli lotto
Geert Jan Jansen
Titolo dell’opera
Kleurrijk abstract
Firmato a mano
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni totali
69×88×1.5 cm
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