Cees van Rutten - Rhythm 24

Cees van Rutten - Rhythm 24
Tecnica mista - Adesivo sul retro - 2018

Unique piece.

He studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague. His love for the clear rhythmic structure is clear to see; the plane, rhythmically divided, with a fascinating play of light and shadow, articulated in regular forms of stacked figures. Van Rutten loves the subtle contrasts between regularity and distortions, between tight and jagged, tough and fragile, between smooth and rough, cut and torn. The work is of a great simplicity. The art historian is tempted to search for movements where the objects might fit and will find colleagues as Jan Schoonhoven and Ad Dekkers, at movements as “Zero” or “Nul”. Movements that are characterised by a formal and distant impersonality, something you can't say of Van Rutten’s work. His interest in the disruption and distortion, the ripple in the regularity makes his work very personal and gives it a poetic dimension.

Exhibitions (selection)

Galerie A3, "On paper from paper", Moscow, Russia
Pulchri Studio, "Feeling Bound Revisited XXXX", The Hague
Bos Fine Arts, "TZT045", The Hague
O-68, "TZT+ToWD", Velp
Kunst Centrum Haarlem, "Sustainability Art", Haarlem
Rai Amsterdam, "KunstRai", Amsterdam
Avenue du Port 86c, "AAF", Brussels, Belgium
Battersea Spring, "AAF", London, UK
CBK Amsterdam, "Sustainability Art", Amsterdam
Pulchri Studio, "Sustainability Art", The Hague
Pulchri Studio, "Parallele sporen (Solo)", The Hague
Pulchri Studio, "Ontmoeten", The Hague
Galleria Mirror, "Personal Relations", Vicenza, Italy
Cello Factory (Waterloo), "Personal Relations", London, UK
Galerie Kellermann, "White Christmas", Düsseldorf, Germany
Fokker terminal, "Art The Hague", The Hague
Schur, "40 Jahre Stühlingen", Stühlingen, Germany
Smelik & Stokking, The Hague.
De Compagnie, "Solo", Dordrecht
Pulchri Studio, "Concreet 2.0", The Hague
Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
Pulchri Studio, "Solo", The Hague
15a - Galerie & Beeldentuin, Lochem
Galerie Oost, Hoorn
Kaapstad, South Africa
Hyatt Regency Oubaai Golf Resort & Spa, George, South Africa
2010 Project 2.0, "Solo", The Hague
Gallery De Compagnie, Dordrecht
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Cultural Centre, Paris, France

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Dettagli lotto
Cees van Rutten
Titolo dell'opera
Rhythm 24
Tecnica mista
Adesivo sul retro
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
40.5×20.5×6 cm
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