Levalet - Resilience

Levalet - Resilience
Digigrafia - Firmato a mano, Numerato - 92 - 2021

"Résilience" is a time-limited edition (24), hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Only 92 copies were published.

Levalet is a very promising young artist and already exhibited regularly in many galleries, notably in Paris.

"Résilience"; is a collage Levalet created in a street in Paris (11th district) in March 2021, echoing our "Concrete Jungle" exhibition. The use of colour and the addition of concrete make it an exceptional street piece that we wanted to immortalize thanks to this photographic edition.

- Pigment print on 240 g Hahnemühle Fine Art paper.

The package will be well protected and sent in its original tube.

About the artist:

Born in 1988 in Epinal, Levalet grew up in Guadeloupe before coming back to metropolitan France at the age of 17. He began painting at the age of 13 on the island, from wall to wall, but it was on his return that he studied art at the Beaux-Arts in Strasbourg. He is equally drawn to and inspired by theatre, audiovisual arts, photography, sculpture and painting, but it is on visual arts that he decided to focus on and graduate in.

Using Indian ink, applied to Kraft paper, he develops a series of characters he paste and stage on the walls of Paris. Between poetry and parody, the portraits he draws hold their own aesthetics. Always animated by the live performing arts, theatre, mime, cinema, Levalet will draw on their graphic codes and references to re-exploit them in the visual arts. He will form a company of fictional actors on the street who will give the answer to passers-by by their gestures or the stories they evoke.

Not so much imaginary as that, Levalet’s hyperrealist heroes come to life from photographs of loved ones or even self-portraits of the artist. They are reproduced on scaled collages, which contributes to the feeling of trompe l’oeil the street artist wanted. In this way Levalet’s figures can interact with their audiences as well as with their context. A dialogue that takes place on three levels: the drawing, the architecture and the walker.

The freedom offered by the Parisian capital, both in terms of urban furniture and in terms of its policy, the Paris City Council tries to promote young artists who practice graffiti and other urban arts in the 13th district, constantly unleashes its creativity. His paper beings have a very pronounced body language and leads us without difficulty in their artistic adventures. Each time, they find themselves in absurd and funny scenes that make a mockery of our daily lives as much as it brightens it. Through illusion, Levalet drags us into a fictional reality, a reality that seduces us.

Dettagli lotto
Titolo dell'opera
Firmato a mano, Numerato
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
50×0×40 cm
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