Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic - La plage extatique

Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic - La plage extatique
Stampa C - Firmato a mano

Matte print on Dibond aluminium with white edge. Aluminium frame on the back, can be hung straight away.

Printed by the artist.

Edition no. 7/25 with certificate.

Shipped with special protection.

Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic opened its own gallery in 1997 in Brussels.

In 2006, he opened a new gallery on the Mont des Arts in the European capital, Brussels.

He continuously tries to experiment, to practice a figuration, sometimes tending towards abstraction especially in photography.

He seeks the enlightenment of ordinary days: his quest and his work consist in discovering the marvellous in daily existence. Each garden is for him a true museum of modern art. Several original works have been published in silkscreen printings since 1998 and distributed mainly in the United States and Japan.

Dettagli lotto
Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic
Titolo dell'opera
La plage extatique
Stampa C
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
60×3×60 cm
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