Peter Donkersloot (1959) - Karl Benz

Peter Donkersloot (1959) - Karl Benz
Serigrafia - Firmato a mano - 109/150

This is the first Early Collectors auction by Art Dumay. It is a mix of world famous artists and the talents yet to be discovered. This auction gives new collectors the chance to get acquainted with prints and limited editions. With works by Marc Chagall & Marlene Dumas, but also by Dutch artists such as Jan Worst and Bob van Blommestein.
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After his training, Peter Donkersloot was a freelance illustrator for publishers and advertising agencies. In his spare time he painted and combined that with his work. But at the end of 1987 he discovered that work and ambition no longer went together and forced himself to make a choice. Although he functioned as a top illustrator at an early age, he made a choice and gave up his reasonably certain position for an uncertain existence as a visual artist. He paints according to an old so-called ‘layer over layer’ tradition. These transparent layers give a depth effect and warm colours are created that you can’t get out of a tube ready-made. ‘Old masters’ worked in the same way, but often had to wait weeks before they could paint over a layer, as their often homemade oil-based paint needed weeks to dry. Many contemporary painters work with the modern fast drying water-based acrylic paint to achieve the same effect. Donkersloot makes a lot of use of mono- and paint prints, both are produced on canvas. The monoprint is best described as a combination of a painting and a screen print. After painting a background, Donkersloot chooses a portrait or image and partially prints his painted background. The paint-print is closest to the original painting, but in this case the image is digitally manipulated. It is possible to play with the colour, contrast and size.

Dettagli lotto
Peter Donkersloot (1959)
Titolo dell’opera
Karl Benz
Firmato a mano
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni totali
60×50×0 cm
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