Pascal Doury / Bruno Richard - Negres Vulves Noires Bites

Pascal Doury / Bruno Richard - Negres Vulves Noires Bites
Album di disegni illustrati - Firmato a mano - 500 + 85 H.C

Album (HC N°23/85, signed “Richard Doury”)

“Elles sont de sortie” was made by two extremely irritated graphic designers/illustrators/photographers: Pascal Doury (1956- 2001) et Bruno Richard (1956-). Since 1977, they regularly released books with wild and beautiful graphics typical of the Punks years.

Issue 22 of “Elles sont de sortie,” I quote again: “Nègres vulves Noires bites,” 222 pages including a dozen texts. Published by Images Images. These are originally drawings inspired only by Negro art but we also find Dora Diamant, contemporary works of art, Pollux, lots of toys, and plenty of tortured women "this is perhaps the most beautiful issue of E.S.D.S." Collaborators: Mark Beyer, Gary Panter, Ti 5 dur, Palto Smalto and “a ghost writer.”

Dettagli lotto
Pascal Doury / Bruno Richard
Titolo dell’opera
Negres Vulves Noires Bites
Album di disegni illustrati
Firmato a mano
500 + 85 H.C
Dimensioni totali
30×25×2 cm
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