Spagna. Carlos IV (1788-1808). 8 Reales Mexico (Mo), 1804 - T·H

Spagna. Carlos IV (1788-1808). 8 Reales Mexico (Mo), 1804 - T·H
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Spain - Carlos IV (1788–1808).

8 Reales silver coin minted in the year 1804 at the American mint of Mexico, assayer TH.

CAROLUS IIII DEI GRATIA 1804 (Charles IIII by the grace of God) around a bust of the king facing right.

HISPAN ET IND REX. Mo (mint) 8 R · TH. (assayer) (King of Spain and the Indies) surrounds a crowned shield with castles and lions with pomegranate and the escutcheon of the Bourbons between two columns with scrolls inscribed PLUS VLTRA.

26.43 g, 39 mm.

In very fine condition with beautiful silver toning.

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Dettagli lotto
Carlos IV (1788-1808)
8 Reales
Anno / Periodo e Variazione
Mexico (Mo), 1804 - T·H
Metallo prezioso
Non certificato
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