Futura 2000 (1955) - The Artist's Monograph

Futura 2000 (1955) - The Artist's Monograph
Libro stampato - firmato in composizione con stencil - 1a edizione - 2020

This book is housed in a case hand painted by the artist. A special Deluxe commercial edition (Futura The artists monograph) Only 248 made. Each book is housed in a clamshell fabric case that has been hand embellished- individually by the artist. Each a special deluxe edition entirely unique.
Each case features a spray painted exterior with a masking technique that features the artists signature in an alternative and complementary design to the normal monograph cover. The custom book was only available in 9 custom colors and shipped at random .

Regarding the book:
among the unpublished reproductions of early paintings and drawings. Collected here is an archive of personal photographs and ephemera that reveal how important FUTURA has been in the evolution of street art and culture.
Guided through more than 40 years of work, interviews with key players from FUTURA's Career.
Written by FUTURA, contributions by Takashi Murakami, Virgil Abloh, Agnes B and Jeffrey Dietch.

the book is 256 pages. Bottom right corner has a slight push from artists shipping.

Dettagli lotto
Futura 2000 (1955)
Titolo dell'opera
The Artist's Monograph
Libro stampato
firmato in composizione con stencil
1a edizione
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni totali
32.8×25.5×5 cm
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