Franklin Mint - Vasi cinesi in miniatura 12 pezzi - Legno, Porcellana

Franklin Mint - Vasi cinesi in miniatura 12 pezzi - Legno, Porcellana
Giappone - Fine XX secolo

Original Franklin Mint "Die Schätze der chinesischen Kaiserdynastien" (1980)

Chinese miniature vases – 12 pieces with a matching board

Produced in a limited edition.

A unique and beautiful collection!
12 replicas of Chinese historical vases.
Including Board (40.5 x 26.5 cm) with hangers.
100% original with authenticity sticker on the bottom of the vase (Japanese: made in Japan - 1980)
Height of the vases: 8-9 cm

Condition of the vases: Everything is like new, except for one that has a small crack at the top. If you turn them backwards, it is not visible.

Vase types:
1 rectangular vase
1 double-gourd vase
1 vase in the shape of Tsun
1 plum blossoms vase
1 family rose vase
1 temple vase
1 export porcelain vase
1 vase with handles
1 vase with lid
1 Mei-P'ing vase (vase of plum blossoms)
1 roll-shape vase
1 bottle-shaped vase

Dettagli lotto
Vasi cinesi in miniatura 12 pezzi
Legno, Porcellana
Produttore / Marchio
Franklin Mint
Periodo stimato
Fine XX secolo
Paese d’origine
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età e macchie.
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