XTC Artist - Coeur Chanel Black

XTC Artist - Coeur Chanel Black
Tecnica mista - Firmato a mano - 2021

Sculpture, black Heart Chanel by XTC.

Moulded heart, hand painted by the artist, it is not a sticker for a better quality, varnish finish.
Supplied with its matte black base that is an integral part of the work.

Numbered out of 20 and signed on the back, COA included.

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XTC has been interested in Pop Art and design since he was a teenager.
He then made his first artistic creations in order to materialize his ideas and manipulate materials.
He draws inspiration from cult films, elements from his childhood in the 1980s and 1990s as well as luxury brands on twisted objects, sculptures he makes or more simply canvases. He mainly uses acrylic paints in spray paint or markers, or stencils that he cuts according to his inspiration.
Whatever small defects may be present are an integral part of the work.

Dettagli lotto
XTC Artist
Titolo dell'opera
Coeur Chanel Black
Tecnica mista
Firmato a mano
Dimensioni totali
23×20×10 cm
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