Mear One - Cultivate Love

Mear One - Cultivate Love
Serigrafia - Firmato a mano - 75

MEAR ONE Cultivate Love Original screen print on paper 28 x 23 inches.
Edition of 100.

MEAR ONE (Kalen Ockerman, b. 1971, Santa Cruz, CA) is a contemporary American artist based in Los Angeles.
He has been at the forefront of LA’s graffiti and mural culture for nearly three decades.
He is famous for having pioneered the Melrose graffiti art movement in the late 80s and is considered by many to be LA’s most prolific public muralist.
Early on in his career, MEAR ONE gained his recognition for building the bridge between graffiti art and fine art.
He was the first graffiti artist to exhibit at the infamous 01 Gallery on Melrose, as well as at 33 1/3 Gallery in Silverlake, where Banksy would later debut his first North American show.
MEAR ONE’s work was part of the landmark Art in the Streets 2011 exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.
Further he’s perhaps best known for constructing powerful narratives juxtaposing philosophy, ancient mythology and modern politics to inspire an evolved consciousness. This interpretation of reality is achieved through balanced dialogue between realism and the supernatural.

Recent comment by Mear One :
Current dealer is Brian Chambers, one of the top psychedelic art patrons here in California. He currently started collecting my work and purchased my newest oil at a break through price level in my career for $100k.

Dettagli lotto
Mear One
Titolo dell'opera
Cultivate Love
Firmato a mano
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
70×57×0 cm
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