Hannah Höch (1889-1978) - Straẞe in Berlin

Hannah Höch (1889-1978) - Straẞe in Berlin
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Fun and exciting work by Hoch, a unique woman who did not let herself be immersed in an art world led by men.

The German artist Hannah Höch was a painter and photographer, and the only woman who was affiliated with the Berlin dada-movement. She is best known because of her collages.

Höch studied from 1912 at the school of arts and crafts in Berlin, and from 1915 at the institute attached to the Berlin Museum of Fine Arts. In the same year she befriended artist Raoul Hausmann, with whom she would have a turbulent love affair until 1922. They worked together on various projects, especially photo montages. Through Hausmann she gets to know the Berlin Dadaists. The other Dadaists mainly focused on political demonstrations and actions. Höch could not agree with this. She used a more playful and ironic style. Höch's work differs from the work of other Dadaists, as she focused much of her attention on depictions of women. Her work expresses her interest in the changing role of women in the society of her time. In 1918, just after the First World War, women in Germany obtained the right to vote. However, it was certainly not yet self-evident to be taken seriously as a woman. It was only after the emphatic intervention of Raoul Hausmann that the artists George Grosz and John Heartfield allowed her to participate in the First International Dada Fair in 1920.

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Hannah Höch (1889-1978)
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Straẞe in Berlin
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30×20×0 cm
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