Victor Vasarely (1906-1997) - Ánole

Victor Vasarely (1906-1997) - Ánole
Incisione, Processo in rilievo - Non firmato - Test in officina

Embossed engraving by Victor Vasarely (*).
Published on 100% thick cotton cardboard.
Printed by Barbará Calcografía (Barcelona), with double stamp of the workshop in the front of the work.
This is a workshop test, not signed.
It includes a certificate of authenticity (COA).


- Sheet dimensions: 32,5 x 25,2 cm
- Motif dimensions: 15,0 x 15,0 cm
- Year: 1984.
- Condition: Excellent, in new condition.

The work will be carefully manipulated and packaged in a reinforced flat cardboard package. Registered shipping with a tracking number.

The shipment will also include a full insurance for the final value of the work, with full refund in case of loss or damage, at no cost to the buyer.

(*) Vásárhelyi Győző, renamed in France as Victor Vasarely, was the father of Op art, an abstract artistic trend developed especially in the 1960s, which is based on playing with our eyes to achieve images that simulate movement and all sort of optical illusions.
Vasarely started studying medicine in Hungary, but that wasn't his thing. Rather, he was interested in the abstract art of Mondrian and Malevich, people who were very interested in what geometry could bring to art.
In the early 1930s he went to Paris and began his main artistic research: a special kind of geometric abstract art, which provides optical effects of movement, and thus plays with us poor spectators deceived by strange shapes and perspectives, and images. Unstable. For this he used a non-gestural painting.
These works were apparently influenced by the white tiled walls of Denfert Paris, which created a special optical sensation.
Vasarely called all this visual kinetics (cinétique plastique) and he based it on the perception of the viewer who, in the end, is considered the sole creator of the work. Or rather the viewer's eye, a member of the human body very easy to deceive.
Vasarely's art is thus a scam, a scam, a hoax. A hoax in the good sense of the word, if the word had a good sense. At least Vasarely thought it had.

Dettagli lotto
Victor Vasarely (1906-1997)
Titolo dell’opera
Incisione, Processo in rilievo
Non firmato
Test in officina
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
32.5×25.2×0 cm
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