Jovan Srijemac - When the soul leaves the body

Jovan Srijemac - When the soul leaves the body
Acrilico su tela - Firmato a mano - Originale dallo studio JovanArt - 2021

Original, very unique abstract expressionist work, by Dutch professional/contemporary artist Jovan Srijemac (1962). Work is painted with acrylic paint, pallet knife and 'drip technique', relief -like, dynamic in an expressionist Action painting style, and the paint applied directly from the paint bucket on canvas in an abstract way. This work fits well in a modern interior or office space.
Condition: excellent, varnished, with certificate of authenticity.
''The chaos of ideas that have arisen in my head, the inner deprived energy, wants to come out like volcano and thus becomes an explosion and a symphony of colours on the canvas, framed with matter, figures, faces or abstract composition.
From the unconscious, often chaotic and explosive application of paint on the canvas, emerge: in the beginning unplanned figures, objects, portraits or something else. As with the unplanned conception of a child: birth, growing up, up to the formation of personality and its life. Often conceived unplanned, we're born and we grow up, and we're all framed in the body, our frame, but each is unique in his or her own way.'

Dettagli lotto
Jovan Srijemac
Titolo dell'opera
When the soul leaves the body
Acrilico su tela
Firmato a mano
Originale dallo studio JovanArt
Eccellenti condizioni
Dimensioni totali
80×2×70 cm
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