Marly - Vaso, (32 cm) - Ceramica

Marly - Vaso, (32 cm) - Ceramica
Sconosciuto - 2000-presente

Designers interior vase "Eternal run" (2000) Signed

Hand made, hand painted, ceramic.

Astonishing decorative vase, designed and handmade by Marly in year of 2000.

Classic ceramic technique, all executed by hand. Wonderful emblematic shape for the unique style of Maestro Marly.

Signed by hand on the base: "Marly" and "2000".

Rare piece, not only with its visual dignities, but also with deep metaphoric and phylosophic messages inside.

There are 5 levels, representing the eternal movement of the elements:

1. The inner circle, round the mouth, represents the eternal cycle of nature, ready to reborn again and again.

2. On the rim of the "hat" - the endless run of the water and world oceans

3. On the body - multiple motif of competing human race, always on the run

4. Near the base - round dark pattern, symbolised the endless dark of cosmos…

5. The fifth wonder of this vase are you - one, who is watching and trying to understand the secrets of Universe… One adventure without end...

The condition of vase is excellent vintage.

It will be magnificent addition for a modern house, surrounded by people with high intellectual capacity and responsive to the challenges of modern art language…

Height: 32 cm.

Width: 29x28 cm.

Base: 12x12 cm.

Weight: 1.03 kg.

All information provided to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Pictures are part of the description.

This lot will be carefully packaged and sent by registered mail.

Dettagli lotto
(32 cm), Vaso
Designer / Artista
Modello / Nome
Eternal Run
Epoca stimata
Paese d’origine
In ottime condizioni - usato raramente e con lievi segni di usura e dell’età.
32×29×28 cm
2.617 kg
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