Longeau - Uomo - 1901-1949

Longeau - Uomo - 1901-1949
Meccanico a carica manuale - Acciaio, Cromato - Custodia da viaggio

Longeau / Enicar Watch Co. - unique vintage model from end od 1930´s

Nearly all of the products of the Ariste Racine company used the Enicar name by the 1920's, though they also held trademarks on Alprosa, Chromicar, Chrono M, Etsira, LONGEAU Savillon, Swisbaby, Swisboy, Sykos, and Teddy. The company became a Société Anonyme in 1932 and took on the name of their main brand, Enicar S.A.

Trade name used by Enicar. It is sometimes found on dials made by Enicar for Birks, Canada.
The Longeau name can be seen on wristwatches and pocket watches used by the German army in The Second World War.

- Size: 32,5mm exclude crown
- Glass: new plexi
- Case: steel back, other part chromed
- Serviced 2 adjustment hand winding hingh quality movement, 15jewels
- Last service was in December 2021 with profesional watchmaker ( excelent working and time keeping )
- Strap: new original quality leather from cow ( 16mm)
- Extra: new steel travel watch box

Shipping is for EXTRA FEE

Dettagli lotto
Meccanico a carica manuale
Materiale cassa
Acciaio, Cromato
Custodia da viaggio
Orologio da polso analogico
Spedizione assicurata
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