Tavolino di servizio - Scuola di Amsterdam - Legno- Quercia, Rame

Tavolino di servizio - Scuola di Amsterdam - Legno- Quercia, Rame
Paesi Bassi - Prima metà del 20° secolo

Beautiful Art Deco side table (weight of about 4 kg, height 65 cm and diameter of about 50 cm). The table is made of ancient Dutch oak, still dried the old-fashioned way. The tabletop is yellow copper (thin rolled). Then there is an graceful pattern, hammered, in combination with symbolic animal motifs and more sleek motifs, which almost look Celtic. The table has elegant thin legs, oak with a beautiful drawing and a handy lower leaf.

The table is completely original and the top shows a beautiful patina.

Special about this table is a subtle play with clean Art Deco lines and graceful curves and decorations that are almost like Art Nouveau.

The table will be expertly packed and shipped insured.

Dettagli lotto
Tavolino di servizio
Legno- Quercia, Rame
Scuola di Amsterdam
Periodo stimato
Prima metà del 20° secolo
Paese d’origine
Paesi Bassi
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età.
65×50×50 cm
4 kg
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