Longbarn - Tappeto (1) - Harvest

Longbarn - Tappeto (1) - Harvest
Paesi Bassi - 21 ° secolo - Lana

The most obvious and known material is wool.
Longbarn used this in its Harvest collection.
But Longbarn would not be Longbarn if they did not do something special with it.
Both qualities are made of felted wool yarns that are unique due to their special and specific dying process. You see, the felted wool is dyed by means of space dying. Space dying is a technique that is used to give the yarn a unique multi-coloured effect. Where a strand of yarn is normally dyed in a single colour, space dying dies the strand in two or more colours that will repeat along the yarn.
This special method of dying gives each rug its own unique appearance. And the enormous amount of colour makes it easy to use in many interiors.
This rug was specially made on request and was given the name Vein.
This rug is new from the factory

Dettagli lotto
N° di oggetti
Produttore / Marchio
Modello / nome
Periodo stimato
21 ° secolo
Paese d’origine
Paesi Bassi
Come nuovo - mai usata
3×170×240 cm
23 kg
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