Fotografie, Libro (2) - Carta - Cina - Inizio XX secolo

Fotografie, Libro (2) - Carta - Cina - Inizio XX secolo
In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione - 32×25×0 cm

Book 1: Peking art series 2:
Original illustrated heavy paper wrappers with titles 'Peking. Art Series II.' in English and 'Bei Jing Mei Shu Pin Di Er Bu' in Chinese characters on front. Very good condition. Without publication date, circa 1920s. Illustrated with 12 tipped-in colour photographic plates. Not complete, 8 plates and title page missing, captions in English. Peking art series II, published by Camera Craft Co, China. A very scarce album featuring a collections of photographs depicting life in Peking, China from Camera Craft in the early 1900s. The photographs depict various views of Peking, chiefly buildings, including 'the Chenmen gate pagoda', 'the Hatamen street arches', 'the marble barge, summer palace', 'coal hill', 'a Peking cart', 'Chinese plough men', 'the Peking bird man', 'camels and the tartar wall', 'grand canal and the tartar wall', 'Great wall of China above Nankow', 'the guardians'. John David Zumbrun (1875–1949) was an American photographer proprietor of the Camera Craft Co. in Peking from 1910–1929, born in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvania, Zumbrun served eight years in the United States Army before moving to Beijing where he set up and ran a commercial photography business and studio: the Camera Craft Company, in the Legation District, Peking (Beijing) in 1910. The Camera Craft Co. published mostly colourised postcards and pictorial albums. In 1929 Zumbrun left China for San Francisco. Size: 12.9 x 10.1 x 0.1 inches 12 pages.
Book 2: Peking art series 5
Antique photo book. Published by the photographer John Zumbrun around 1913. Book measures 11½" x 9½". Has 30 7¾" x 5¾" photos of China. Photos are tabbed in with glue. Please view the photos for measurements. It is the actual item you are bidding on. Please look at pics to judge the condition. Overall condition is good.
Good condition, binding: thread. Track and Trace.

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Fotografie, Libro
Inizio XX secolo
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In buone condizioni, vedi descrizione
32×25×0 cm
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