Grande conchiglia di madreperla incisa - motivo marino - Pelecypoda sp. - 21×26×7 cm

Grande conchiglia di madreperla incisa - motivo marino - Pelecypoda sp. - 21×26×7 cm
2019 - Indonesia - non-CITES species

A completely engraved large mother of pearl shell, very intricate. The carving into the shell is that of a marine motif. Serene and peaceful scene.

The shell reflects light beautifully in all sorts of colours. Words cannot come close to describe the beauty of this shell when the sun hits it from behind.

DIMENSIONS - including stand
Height: 21 cm
Width: 26 cm

Please be aware that this lot contains mother of pearl. Some regulations are in place regarding the import of mother of pearl into the USA. Please check prior to bidding. This shells full name is a freshwater mussel shell.

- The shell will be sent with track and trace via DHL Parcel or DPD. You will receive the tracking code as soon as the parcel is dispatched. With this code, you can also follow the status and the location of your parcel, as well as the expected delivery date. You can find this information once you have your tracking code, by entering it under “Shipment number” on the DHL or DPD website.
- If you have any questions on the status of your parcel, the current location, or the estimated date of delivery, it is recommended to DHL Parcel or DPD directly via Facebook messenger. An answer will be given within 24 hours.

Dettagli lotto
Grande conchiglia di madreperla incisa - motivo marino
Nome scientifico
Pelecypoda sp.
Pertinenza CITES
non-CITES species
21×26×7 cm
1.5 kg
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