Replica del teschio di T-Rex - - Tyrannosaurus rex - 38×17×40 cm

Replica del teschio di T-Rex - - Tyrannosaurus rex - 38×17×40 cm
000 - Nord America - non-CITES species

Rex Skull - - Tyrannosaurus rex
North America
museum quality Tyrannosaurus skull replica / dinosaur
Tyrannosaurus skull, is 38cm long, 40 cm high and 17 cm wide. Weighs 3.5 kg.

Tyrannosaurus Rex. The most powerful land animal that Mother Nature has ever put on Earth !!.
The research shows that the T. Rex's jaw muscles were much stronger than previously thought. The dinosaur's bite was always believed to have a force of 8,000 to 13,400 Newtons. That may seem like a lot, but we can expect a bit more from a 6,000 kilo beast, the researchers suspected. And so they took the computer models back to find out the power of the T. rex even more precisely. A difficult job, because nobody knows exactly what the muscles of the dinosaur looked like. Yet the researchers dare to state that the jaw muscles had a force of between 20,000 and 57,000 Newtons (note copy).
Will be very well packaged for shipping to you.

Dettagli lotto
Replica del teschio di T-Rex
Nome scientifico
Tyrannosaurus rex
Nord America
Pertinenza CITES
non-CITES species
Non Conservato
38×17×40 cm
3858 g
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