Victor Vasarely (d'après) - 10 offset - VONAL

Victor Vasarely (d'après) - 10 offset - VONAL
Stampa offset - Non firmato - Non numerato

Victor Vasarely - (1908 - 1997)
10 bright colour silkscreen prints in the original sleeve.
Titles, publisher, years, and dimensions on the back.
Publisher: Éditions du Griffon (Neufchâtel - Switzerland)
The originals are from the 60s/70s
The silkscreen prints are from 1972/1974. This is the original print from the period and not a re-print. The artwork is 48 years old!
The works were published in a booklet. Picture of the brochure reproduced in a book. Photo. This book, published by Editions du Griffon in 1974 was designed by Vasarely himself who also took care of the page layout. Foreword by Marcel Joray. The book’s photographs are shown for information and reference. The book and photographs are not included.
Size of each work: 27 x 27 cm
On 280 g heavy cardstock
In very good condition. This box is over 40 years old. Nevertheless, the work may show some flaws.
Sent with international tracking, flat between embossed cardboard.
Works by this world-renowned artist are rare.
Outstanding decorative works with beautiful bright colours. Photos do not convey the actual beauty of the colours.

Victor Vasarely (1908-1997)

Inventor of Op Art (without the help of a computer!), Victor Vasarely, who was born in Hungary and died in France, was a leading artist of the 20th century. His name is associated with a real visual revolution which impacted art, design, and the landscapes of our cities. In his works, the mix of shapes, colours, and contrasts creates a visual experience that is renewed every time.
Vasarely's desire to bring art within everyone's reach comes with an intimate wish: to nurture the soul of the general public with beauty and poetry.

His perfectionism demanded absolute quality. Because, according to Vasarely “les originaux ne comptent pas davantage que leurs reproductions”

Victor Vasarely and Les Editions du Griffon

Never have a publisher and a contemporary artist had the same passion for perfection
 Inextricably associated with Vasarely and the leading artists of the second half of the 20th century, Editions du Griffon always convinced with their non-conformity and unrelenting enthusiasm.

Often published in collaboration with the artists themselves, these monographs are characterised by the quality of their graphic rendering and critical apparatus.
True to the spirit of its founders, Editions du Griffon strive to showcase new artists who are the top talents of today.
 These portfolios were designed and supervised by Vasarely himself because he wanted to please art lovers. He had discovered that many of them cut the printed plates out of the monographs to frame them and hang them on their walls.
The same concern for quality animated Les Editions du Griffon, which took exceptional care with this series of albums.
These are the last available original copies.

Dettagli lotto
Victor Vasarely (d'après)
Titolo dell’opera
10 offset - VONAL
1960-1969, 1970-1979
Stampa offset
Non firmato
Non numerato
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni totali
27×27×27 cm
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